New Homeowner No No’s – In and Out


Using the wrong caulk can be a damaging. That’s because there is a right caulk for the kitchen, bath, gutters, brick or concrete, mortar, and so on. The wrong caulk won’t adhere, or will breakdown, allowing moisture to seep in, or compromise the surface you’re caulking.

Instead, ask your local hardware specialist for advice on buying the right caulk for your project.


Invest in well-made tools for your new home — a hammer, screwdriver set, ladder, and maybe a mower. Avoid buying inexpensive, knock-off brands even if you’re on a budget — they are not made to last.

Instead, for budget-conscious homeowners, visit yard sales and look for used tools from known quality brands, or start slow with a basic toolbox and build up your set over time.

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