Preventative Tips

This is a very helpful video found on YouTube that we wanted to share. It shows you how to minimize the possibility of bringing COVID-19 into your home after shopping for necessities, having home deliveries and ordering takeout food. It also includes the latest information for how long the virus is thought to last on different surfaces ( cardboard, metal, plastic). As this seems to be ever changing – please check for updated information in regards to this from the NIH or CDC websites. 



Some Key Points:

  • Try utilizing drive-up or delivery services whenever possible.
  • If possible try not to bring your groceries inside for 3 days unless absolutely necessary. Leave on the porch or in the garage.
  • Think of this virus like glitter. Your goal is to not have this glitter in your home, on your food, your hands or face. Soap and disinfectant can dissolve it. 
  • Do not go to the store if you have any kind of respiratory illness. 
  • Wipe down your cart with some type of disinfectant.
  • Make a list for 2 weeks worth of supplies.
  • Only pick up what you will buy. 
  • Sanitize your counter tops making a clean and dirty side. Wipe down each item or transfer to other containers. Example: bread to container, take cereal bag out of box and throw the box away. 
  • You can soak your fruit in soapy water and wipe off each piece to rid them of any possible contamination. 
  • Offer to do shopping for family members over 60 years of age and drop off items to them. 
  • When ordering take-out foot  – wash your hands and take your food out of wrappers/boxes and throw them away. This includes sauces. Wash hands again after handling.
  • You can heat your food by microwave or oven to ensure food safety. Heat is thought to destabilize the coronavirus. 
  • Do not assume that frozen foods are safe from contamination.  


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