FAQs for Tenants

Have questions about the screening/application process? Take a look at the below questions and answers or contact us for more help getting started.

What do I do if I need online support to complete my application?
For Technical Assistance:
Who must complete an application for a lease?
Each person 18 years and older must complete an online application, pay the screening fee and be processed to be considered for tenancy.
How are co-applicants listed on my application?
Each person will complete their own application. You will have the opportunity on the application to note the names of all co-applicants.
Why do I have to upload documents?
All supporting documents are used to verify income criteria, pet descriptions and personal identification. Make sure all uploads are legible. If you take a picture and upload, make sure it is clear and not blurry or discolored. Documents you should have ready to upload:

  • Copy of Government Issued Identification (i.e.- Driver’s License, I.D. Card)
  • Paystubs or Income Verification
  • Pet Picture (if applicable)
Do I have to provide past employment and rental information?
Yes. The screening company contacts employers to verify employment and salary. They also contact current and previous landlords. Information you should have ready when completing the application:

  • Last two addresses and Landlord Information
  • Employer and Previous Employer: Name, Contact, Start Date, Salary
Can I use the same email address as other co-applicants when applying?
Do I need to list minors planning to live in the property under age 18?
Yes. Include all minors and birth dates, even if you have part time custody of minors that may live in the home for any portion of the lease period or if you foster children. All minors must be noted in the lease.
Why do I need to provide an emergency contact person who will not be a party to the lease?
If something were to happen to you during your lease, the emergency contact person will be the one contacted to retrieve all your personal belongings.
How are applications prioritized?
KSP follows all local, state and federal guidelines for Fair Housing and treats all applicants fairly. When all co-applicants have completed the entire online application process, your screening can begin. An application is not considered complete until ALL co-applicants have completed the online application process. We process one complete application for lease at a time in the order of submission.
Can I pay the screening fee at a later time?
No, all application/screening fees for each applicant must be paid before the screening process begins. A complete application consists of:

  • Completely filled out application for each person 18 years or older who will occupy the property
  • All required support documents uploaded
  • Paid screening fee submitted for each application (18 years or older)
How will I know if my application has been accepted or denied?
If your application is accepted, either you and/or your real estate agent will be contacted by email upon acceptance with additional information on how to proceed to get your lease documents signed and where to post deposits and payments. If accepted, all documents and payments are due within 24 hours.If your application is denied, you and all co-applicants will receive a direct email to the email address provided on the application per screening and privacy laws.