Water and TEXAS

Water and TEXAS

Water is a necessity that is used, reused, over used and consumed. We face some real challenges as our population in Texas grows to have enough water to support our communities and our personal homes.  10 Things you should know about water tells us where the basic water supply goes.

Let’s look at the breakdown:

  • Houston Avg:  150 gallons/person/day
  • Avg cost per family of 4: $105.62/mth
  • A 50 gallon reduction in water per person reduces the average bill by $40/month

All surface water in Texas belongs to the state of Texas.  In other words Texas regulates all surface water use.  Big task? You bet’cha.  All rain water that reaches the ground is subject to Texas law and use. If rainwater is collected before it hits the ground, it belongs to the collector.  With 60% of our water use coming from outdoor use, collecting rainwater is a good way to save and use water that is not chemically treated. Chemicals add by local water systems are used to maintain healthy levels of contaminates for citizens, however those chemicals aren’t necessarily the healthiest for plants, vegetables or grass and trees.

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District offers online help on how to collect rain water.

For a quick home audit and to save even more, check out the water audit.


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