Kelsey Bethea Closing

Great Family Friends

Finding just the right house at the right time can be tricky. This sweet couple and I set out to find the best fit for them with specific goals and a budget. After shopping in a wide location area, the perfect place appeared, complete with deer in the front yard! Thank you for the journey
Flat Paula

Flat Paula’s Adventures

Have you heard of Flat Stanley - a project that started in schools to encourage kids to read? Flat Stanley goes on adventures through the mail. We are going to have our own twist on it - "Flat Paula" Travel Adventures! Flat Paula can travel with you - both near and far! Let's take her
Shannie Day Blog

Shannie Day

It’s been 10 years in the making.  Our sweet Shannie is on to new adventures, most will continue to include family, Disney and the color green!  She has helped KSP serve customers and clients over the years as well as build great relationships. We had a wonderful group of supporters come out to honor her

What homeowners in the path of Hurricane Harvey can do to avoid financial disaster

Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey’s heavy winds and torrential downpours are just the beginning — natural disasters can easily become financial disasters for homeowners if they don’t make the right choices in the aftermath. Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas Saturday as a catastrophic Category 4 storm, packing sustained winds up to 130 miles per hour.

Don’t Miss God’s Plan for Your Life

If you are anything like me, you likely want to make an impact during your life—but did you realize God’s plan for you extends well beyond your time on earth? When God calls you, He doesn’t just have you in mind, but the future generations you will influence. We see this reality played out clearly


Happy moments - Praise God Difficult moments - Seek God Quiet moments - Worship God Painful moments - Trust God Every moment - Thank God. A message for all of us!

Time For A Season Change

Time for a season change, would you agree? Storms and dysfunction, hurried pace, worry and fear; it seems there are endless days of concern. Fall turns the heat to cooler days. The sun sets earlier in the sky and out comes the harvest moon. We eat dinner earlier and my mind finds ways to slow