Home Buying in the Houston Area

Communicate In House. If it is time for a move, is everyone in the family who will be moving thinking the same way?

Set Goals & Objectives Together. Think long term, short term, and goals. What is your timeline, current living arrangement, needs and wants?

Contact an Expert. Hire a real estate professional who specializes in buyer representation and who will specifically help meet your goals and objectives. Together with your realtor and their experience and advice you will be able to focus on the many steps of the buying process. Get your finances in order, review your credit report, and be sure you have enough money to cover your down payment plus closing costs. Then, talk to a lender and get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This will save you the heartache later of falling in love with a house you can’t afford.

Decide your moving timeline. When is your lease up? Do you need to sell a home? How will a move affect the family, pets, work, school, etc.? A great realtor can help you put a time line in place to minimize disruptions. Planning is a big key to a smooth transition weather you are buying or renting.

Be realistic. It’s OK to be picky, but don’t be unrealistic with your expectations. There’s no such thing as a perfect home. Use your list of priorities as a guide to evaluate each property along with your budget constraints.

Research before you look. Decide what features you most want to have in a home, what neighborhoods you prefer, and how much you’d be willing to spend each month for housing.

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