KSP Property Management Info

To all our investors, thank you for trusting us day after day and year after year.

At Keystone Signature Properties, we offer real time advice and experience in an ever changing world of fluctuation. Owning single family properties to lease and owning a home to personally live in are two very different schools of thought. Both take time and money and require ongoing care and maintenance. That’s where we make all the difference for our owners. We allow you to focus on the big picture while we focus on the day to day processes of managing your real estate assets.

We take property management very serious by keeping up with government rules and regulations as well as keeping your properties leased to the best qualified tenants. If you’re searching for a team who watches your bottom line, keeps up with market trends and provides you with report and financial updates plus… so much more, check out Why Keystone Signature Properties Property Management. We love partnering with owners who care about their properties.

Client Communication and Monthly Accountings

  • Owner posts a $500 reserve of funds to be used for repairs or maintenance. Any repair over $400 props owner communication.
  • We use professional, highly rated, solid accounting software and management database program.
  • We contact our clients for all major decisions, new tenants, and repairs over $400.
  • We provide electronic monthly statements through our secure Owner Portal on our website.
  • Our detailed monthly statements show all income and expenses and include details of all repairs.
  • We provide simple year end summary statements and a 1099, making tax preparation a snap.
  • Your monthly statement will show rent (if occupied).
  • We accept electronic payments and credit cards to ease make ready and other major item costs.

Portfolio Management Standards

  • We walk each potential property to be managed and do an overview report before accepting any new properties.
  • Each property must meet all Texas Property Code condition standards.
  • We have a$1200 monthly rent minimum per property.
  • We manage single family homes, duplexes and quadraplex properties.
  • We do not manage apartment complexes, condominium associations , HOA associations or take Section 8 vouchers.

Vacant Property Management Service

  • Prepare the property to show in its best light and ready for new tenancy.
  • List on MLS and market to all local and national syndicated sites for the best exposure.
  • Use a professional photographer to capture the homes best features to promote a quicker lease.
  • Online application and screening process to streamline qualified tenants.
  • Reduced monthly management fee for vacant properties until leased.
  • When utilities are transferred to KSP, owner will post twice the average utility / maintenance cost to their reserve account. (ie: pool, lawn, pest, alarm, etc)

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Tenants request repairs through the online portal and the emergency hotline after hours, weekends and holidays.
  • We do not have an in-house maintenance department that needs to generate work.
  • We use highly qualified, yet reasonably priced, reliable, insured, and licensed (if required) vendors.
  • We obtain competitive bids when necessary or when unusual needs arise.
  • No repair work will be performed over $500 without your permission unless an emergency.

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